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EL Coordinator

Mandy Guillot
985.879.6400 Ext. 252

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Title III - English Learners (EL)

District Interpreters

Georgina Garcia-Johnson
985.879.6400 Ext. 377

Cell 985.870.4371

Devi Guerrero
985.879.6400 Ext. 254

Cell 985.870.4323

Amairany Posadas

Cell 985.870.4376

Oriannys Puentes Fuentes
985.879.6400 Ext. 281

Cell 985.870.4358



Program Description

Title III is designed to improve the education of limited English proficient (LEP) children and youths by helping them learn English and meet challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards.

Terrebonne Parish Title III

Identifies the educational and language needs of the English Learner students based on their language proficiency

  • Helps educators set goals for improving the language proficiency of all EL students in the parish
  • Helps to develop programs for each individual EL student in order to support/supplement mainstream instruction
  • Measures student progress through reporting, LEAP 2025, ELPT
  • Assists educators in developing academic accommodation plans to assist EL students in the  mainstream classroom
  • Promotes EL parental involvement through reading, math, study skills, homework and organizational workshops for parents
What Can Title III Do For My EL Student?

Title III provides these resources to EL students and their teachers:

  • Imagine Learning
  • Electronic Translators in Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish
  • Professional Development
  • English-Spanish Interpreter
  • Language Proficiency Screening for new students
  • Funds available for the purchase of classroom resources to aid EL students
  • Parent Homework Handbooks in English, Vietnamese, and Spanish
  • Dictionaries in a variety of languages
  • 4 EL teachers
How Is My EL Student Identified?
  • All students are enrolled in the Terrebonne Parish Schools regardless of documentation or visa status
  • During enrollment, parents complete a home language survey in their native language indicating what languages are spoken by the student
  • Students are then placed in the appropriate programs to improve their language proficiency
District EL Teachers
Thanh Rhodes
985.879.6400 Ext. 255
Chantel Theriot
985.879.6400 Ext. 281
Alice Trosclair
985.879.6400 Ext. 281
Michelle Neil
985.879.6400 Ext 281

Dian Pellegrin
985.879.6400 Ext. 281