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Summer Reading (Grades 7-12)

Terrebonne Parish Honors/Pre-AP Summer Reading Assignment

The mission of the Academically Advanced Program in Terrebonne Parish is to offer unique learning opportunities appropriate to intrinsically motivated students of outstanding academic ability. Honors/Pre-AP classes provide experiences that challenge students to improve academic skills, deepen content knowledge and understanding, and foster respect for being independent, lifelong learners.


As part of this mission, Terrebonne Parish School District requires that students taking Honors/Pre-AP English courses in grades 8-12 read one book or play over the summer as part of a summer reading program. Students will be given a list of criteria for selecting a book or play. A book or play selected using the criteria may be purchased, checked out from a public library, checked out from the school’s library, or located online. If the school has enough copies of a specific book for a grade level, students will receive a book from the teacher. Students will be required to complete an assignment that will be turned in at the end of the first week of school in August. Honors/Pre-AP students in grades 8-12 will receive a grade in the first grading period for the completed assignment. If you have any questions about this summer reading program, please contact the school.