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The goal of the Terrebonne Parish Technology Department is to transform learning and maximize growth for students, teachers, and leaders through digital instruction, assessment, and collaboration.  By empowering our students and teachers with the right tools and resources, we can create lifelong learners ready for success in the 21st century.  

Click Here for the Electronics and Communications Policy.

Educational Technology

Tricia Corbin
Educational Technology Facilitator

Office Location:
Central Office & Media Center
201 Stadium Drive
Houma, LA  70360


Office Phone Number:
985.876.7400 x 205


Help Desk

To reach a department staff member or the help desk, please dial 985.876.7400 plus the extension number.

Christopher Babin
Network Systems Administrator
Ext. 112

Travis Bourg
Ext. 111

Bryan Guidroz
Ext. 117

Ramon Blanchard
Ext. 325

Dwayne Foret
Ext. 123

Denise David
Ext. 115

  Help Desk Email  
Technology in the Schools

In the past few years, the Terrebonne Parish School System has made many strides in providing its students with access to the latest technology. All schools have been wired for Internet access. Intra-system e-mail for all professionals is also provided. To be in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, the Terrebonne Parish School System uses a filtering program to control which Internet sites the students can enter. This filtering program blocks out sites which may be objectionable or might contain materials deemed unsuitable for young children. To further comply, all students will receive education on appropriate online behavior and cyberbullying awareness and response.

At the beginning of each school year, a form containing a description of the computer and Internet use policies, the regulations of Internet usage, and an Internet Usage Contract is sent home with all students. Parents should make themselves familiar with these policies.

The Terrebonne Parish School System plans to continue upgrading its technology systems and providing its students with more frequent and better access to the latest in educational technology.

Technology Quick Reference





All network, software, hardware problems Network Manager   Always 1st contact
  • All software approvals for compatibility
  • Technology professional development
  • District & school web pages
  • Renaissance Learning Programs
  • SuccessMaker
  • Edgenuity
  • Typing Agent
  • Achieve 3000
  • Coursewhere
  • Interactive boards (training & setup)
  • The Library Corporation
Tricia Corbin 876-7400
ext. 205
Email preferred
  • All hardware approvals for compatibility
  • District-wide network, Internet, or Outlook problems
  • Problems not resolvable by network managers
  • Network upgrades
  • Block/unblock websites
Help Desk
Chris Babin
876-0033 Email preferred
  • JCampus & training
  • QSSUSER & training
Data Processing 876-7400 Email preferred