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Policy/Students With Exceptionalities

Click here for Policy G-2.4c 

Education of Students with Exceptionalities

TPSD Special Education Advisory Committee

Melissa Delahoussaye -
Parent of student at Mulberry Elementary

Jamie Lajaunie -
Parent of student at Bayou Black Elementary

Rebecca Hoffmann-Spears -
Social Service Agency Representative from Ochsner Health

Melynda Rodrigue -
Principal at Bayou Black Elementary

Special Education Department Information

Dr. Monica Breaux
Supervisor of Special Education
The supervisor of special education oversees all facets of the special education department and assists parents, students, and educators with ensuring that all children with an exceptionality receive the appropriate services to be successful learners.  The supervisor also provides training and staff development for employees that will help them to be more knowledgeable of educational strategies that have been proven to be effective with special populations. 

Office Location:
A. D. Martin, Jr., West Park Special Education and Federal Center
7573 Park Avenue
Houma, LA  70360

Office Phone Number:

Melissa Schouest
Administrative Assistant

985.876.6400 Ext. 223


Department Staff

To reach the department staff of Special Education, dial 985.879.6400 and ask for their extension number.

Rebecca Bradford
Child Find Coordinator/
Early Childhood
Ext. 280

Lisa Thibodeaux
Pupil Appraisal Coordinator
Ext. 297

Naomi Whitney
SER Coordinator
Ext. 241

Kim Guidry
Ext. 225

Carey Clement
Ext. 230

William Wolfe
Ext. 226

Alaina Black
Ext. 227

Rayette Chaisson
Ext. 234

Monika Marcel
Ext. 231

Melissa Schouest
Administrative Secretary
Ext. 223

Shea Fanguy
Secretary II (Purchasing Dept)
Ext. 298

Donna Guidry
Speech Coordinator
Ext. 229

Cynthia Reyes
Secretary II (504)
Ext. 240

Emily Blouin
Secretary II (Child) Search/Early Childhood) 
Ext. 222

Monica Blanchard
Secretary II (Pupil Appraisal)
Ext. 236

Kristin Fuentes
Secretary II (Pupil Appraisal)
Ext. 242

Deanna Payne
Secretary II (Records Dept.)
Ext. 344

Stephanie Caro
Secretary II (Records Dept./Nursing)

Ext 247

Amber Lajaunie
Secretary II (Records Dept.)
Ext. 256


Department Information


Child Search

The Office of Child Search oversees all Child Find activities including public awareness and screenings designed to locate, identify and refer all students with suspected disabilities. The office schedules evaluations for preschool children (ages 3-5) residing in Terrebonne Parish, or who attend state recognized schools in Terrebonne Parish.  This office also obtains records from other parishes, or states for students enrolling in Terrebonne Parish Schools.

Rebecca Bradford               Child Search Coordinator
Emily Blouin                         Secretary



This department assists in the assessment of students referred to SBLC for areas of concern and implementation of accommodation plans for students with identified disabilities who are not identified with a special education exceptionality.

Stephanie Guidry         504 Coordinator
Cynthia Reyes               Secretary


Educational Facilitators

Educational Facilitators are assigned to schools within the parish.  Their primary responsibilities are to work with school administration, teachers and parents to ensure that students are receiving services according to the IEP that was developed and to meet the needs of students.

Alaina Black – H. L. Bourgeois High, Houma Jr. High, Juvenile Detention Center, Terrebonne High

Rayette Chaisson – Acadian Elementary, Bourg Elementary, Grand Caillou Elementary, Montegut Elementary, Pointe-Aux-Chenes Elementary, Upper Little Caillou Elementary

Kim Guidry – East Street (TAPS), Ellender High School, Oaklawn Middle, South Terrebonne High, Louis Miller Terrebonne Career and Technical High (LMTCT)

Kim Hall – Bayou Black Elementary, Broadmoor Elementary, Coteau Bayou Blue Elementary, Gibson Elementary, Oakshire Elementary, Schriever Elementary

Carey Redmond – Dularge Elementary, Honduras Elementary, Legion Park Elementary, Lisa Park Elementary, Mulberry Elementary, Southdown Elementary, Village East Elementary

William Wolfe – Caldwell Middle, Evergreen Jr. High, Grand Caillou Middle, Lacache Middle, Montegut Middle, School For Exceptional Children (SEC)



This is the state run special education records management system.  It is the computer warehouse where all student IEP’s and evaluations are stored.  This department is commonly referred to as “records” and also handles purchasing and Medicaid billing for the school district

Naomi Whitney               SER Coordinator
Amber Lajaunie              Secretary
Deanna Payne                 Secretary


Pupil Appraisal

This department is responsible for conducting special education evaluations and re-evaluations on students from ages 3 through 21. Once evaluations are opened they must be completed within 60 work days, and students must be re-evaluated every 3 years in order to retain eligibility for services. Evaluations are completed by Educational Diagnosticians, School Psychologists, and Social Workers.  This department also reviews any incoming evaluations from other states to determine program eligibility. Pupil Appraisal staff also provide IEP related services to students, including counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, etc. and support and consultative services to schools and parents.

Lisa Thibodeaux               Pupil Appraisal Coordinator
Monica Blanchard            Secretary
Kristin Fuentes                 Secretary
Lisa Durham                      Educational Diagnostician
Tessia Luke                         Educational Diagnostician
Susan May                           Educational Diagnostician
Joan Moise                           Educational Diagnostician
Sonya Ohlmeyer                Educational Diagnostician
Liz Billiot                              Educational Diagnostician
Amy Strevig                        Educational Diagnostician
Karen Verret                       Educational Diagnostician
Miguel Allemond               School Psychologist
Robin Bell                            School Psychologist
Stacy Blanchard                School Psychologist
Wendy Bunn                      School Psychologist
Christina Lange                School Psychologist
Brandi Chauvin                School Psychologist

Sherri Lapeyrouse           School Psychologist
Ellen Ledet                         School Psychologist
Alyssa Ordoyne                School Psychologist
Farah Thompson              School Psychologist
Claire Pellegrin                  School Psychologist
Brittany Juckett                School Psychologist

Laurie Brand                     Social Worker
Linda Curtis                       Social Worker
Penny Gleason                  Social Worker
Tammy Medlen                Social Worker
Patricia Perry                   Social Worker
Sherry Staidum                Social Worker
Kayleigh Gordon          Speech Pathologist
Jessica Granier             Speech Pathologist
Marta Schexnayder    Speech Pathologist
Felecia Smith                Speech Pathologist


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists provide services to students in all public, private and parochial schools in Terrebonne Parish as well as at numerous child care centers.  They also assist in evaluations for related services and in re-evaluations.

Shawla Bergeron               Occupational Therapist
Denise Chauvin                  Occupational Therapist


Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapist provides services to students in all public, private and parochial schools in Terrebonne Parish as well as at numerous child care centers.  She also assists in evaluations for related services and in re-evaluations.

Andrea Files (Contracted)    Physical Therapist



There are approximately 30 Speech Therapists/Pathologists providing services to students in our parish. Students are evaluated by pathologists and receive services from therapists and pathologists in all public, private and parochial schools in Terrebonne Parish, as well as at numerous child care centers.

Donna Guidry               Speech Coordinator/Pathologist


Assistive Technology

This department provides students with technology that will assist them in becoming more proficient at skills through the use of technology or learning aids in the classroom.

Christina Lyons               Assistive Technology



The Audiologist conducts hearing screenings and testing for initial evaluations and re-evaluations.  She also assists identified hearing impaired students at school sites with technology to help in the classroom.  Another responsibility of the Audiologist is to arrange for classroom interpreters for hearing impaired students, and for interpreting services for students and parents at school functions.

Monika Marcel                Audiologist


School Nurses

School nurses conduct health assessments, create health plans, and assist in the training of paraprofessionals on procedures that must be completed on special needs students.

Melanie Prentice                                                          
Annette Bilello

Jessie Banks
Ginger LeBlanc

Kristin Brown
Taren Marcel


Early Steps

Provides services for students from Birth to 3 years of age who are identified with an exceptionality.  Services are provided at home or at child care centers.

Mary Silva               Teacher
Christine Verdin    Teacher


Itinerant Preschool

Provides services for students from 3-5 years of age who are identified and are not enrolled in school.  Services are provided at home, public, parochial, and private schools, child care centers and at Head Start.

Shelly Chauvin                Teacher
Rose Gilleland                 Teacher
Mary Harding                  Teacher
Sierra Kennedy               Teacher
Bambi Plaisance             Teacher
Laura Verdun                  Teacher


Visually Impaired

Services are provided to students who are visually impaired or blind.

Joette Baker                       Teacher
Laurie Hamner                  Teacher


Hospital Homebound

Services are provided to students who are enrolled in the Terrebonne Parish School District, but are unable to attend school due to illness.

Laurie Daigle                         Teacher
Lori Lefort                              Teacher
Danielle Schexnaydre         Teacher