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Hurricane Zeta Make-Up Time, Day, and Grade Requirements Posted!
Posted 11/11/20

In regards to Zeta make-up time for October 29th and 30th and Grade Requirements: 

  • In lieu of making up days on November 23 (Thanksgiving WeeK) and/or Februrary 18th (Mardi Gras Week) as per district calendar, we will make up days as follows:
    • January 19th (Tuesday after MLK Day) will be a school day (Make-up #1).
    • Beginning Monday, November 16th, we will extend the school day (bell schedule) by 3 minutes until Wednesday, June 9th (day before students' last day of school).  (Make-up #2)
      • 360 minutes / 120 days (November 16th to June 9th) = 3 mins per day.  
      • Schools will determine where the 3 instructional minutes will be added (although it's not much time).  Ex:  3 minutes could be added for whole school intervention period, or simply added to a particular class(es) in your schedule (maybe during a time/period when peak attention can be maximized).  
      • Submit your revised schedule to Ms. Larose or Mr. Torbert by November 16th, and set your bells accordingly on the 16th.  
  • Also, due to five missed school days because of hurricane issues, Mr. Martin has approved that teachers can end the first nine weeks with one less major grade than previously required.  Therefore, grade levels and subjects that require a minimum of 6 grades can be reduced to 5 grades for the first nine weeks.   Lower elementary (K-3) grade levels and subjects can also reduce the minimum required grades by 1. ​​​​​​​