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Be Engaged LA

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Family Support Toolbox

Parent and Family Engagement

Alesia Blanchard

Alesia Blanchard

A. D. Martin, Jr. West Park Special Education and Federal Center
7573 West Park Avenue
Houma, LA  70360


Phone:  985.879.6400 Ext. 841277


As required by Title I, Part A, parents and families provide feedback through:

  • Title I School-Wide Plan committees
  • Title I Annual Parent Survey
  • Campus (School) Title I, Part A Written School Parent and Family Engagement Policy and Compacts
  • District Title I, Part A Written TPSD Parent and Family Engagement Policy and Compacts
  • Evaluation of Parent Engagement activities at schools
Funding and Resources

Parent and Family Engagement initiatives provided by TPSD Federal Programs:

  • Funding for school-site personnel that facilitate parent and family engagement
  • Monthly Parent Newsletters provided on TPSD website